Starting price and bids

The seller who puts an item up for auction must do so by establishing a minimum sale price, prior agreement with Subasta Real.

An estimated price will be established in each of the lots of the auctions called an estimate, which would be the indicative price that a lot could have in an alleged market, which will not be binding in the bids.

The minimum price in the auction is the starting price, that is, the amount for which the first bid should be made. The seller is obliged to sell for that minimum price.

The highest bid will be the winner.

In case of ending the auction without bids but with downward offers, the seller reserves the right to accept or deny the highest offer.

If there is a winning bid that was subsequently eliminated by Subasta Real for any reason, it will be the seller who decides whether to accept the next bid or not.

Once the auction is closed, all unqualified bids will be canceled.

Subasta Real may refuse any bid without justification or explanation.