Terms and Conditions

Subasta Real is an on-line auction house with physical support that has as its object the sale in public auction by Internet of antiques, art and other artistic goods of a similar nature that are entrusted to it for this purpose.

Subasta Real and its fiscal figure Open Auctions S.L. they act as mediators between the owner and the buyer of each lot and as such, it complies with the rules and regulations in force. Before the delivery of an object to be auctioned or prior to the collection of the same, there will be a specific form for each case in which the rules of the auction and the conditions that are expressed as a principle are accepted. In the delivery either for sale or for purchase and in the registration as a user this acceptance will be done by signing the form and through the internet, this acceptance is understood at the time of validating the electronic forms.

The parties involved, vendor-depositor and buyer, shall comply with the provisions of the Heritage Law, the General Tax Law and the Intellectual Property Law.

In no case may compensation or compensation be claimed, on pieces that having been auctioned or adjudicated have been lost or stolen from or in the auction, withdrawn from auction or canceled, expressly limiting the amount to be returned, to the amount of the invoice settled by the buyer.

Under no circumstances will any claim be accepted on the lots awarded, after 15 days from the issuance of the invoice corresponding to them, by Open Auctions S.L.

The data contained in the description of the lot related to author, origin, age, origin and status are included after an investigation, verification and advice, but on its accuracy Open Auctions S.L. and Royal Auction do not accept any responsibility. Interested parties should form their own opinions regarding the pieces, during the days prior to the auction and fifteen days later during which they can access the pieces and images that are attached to the auction.

Notwithstanding the sale of a lot will be rescinded and its price returned to the buyer, if it notifies in writing to Open Auctions SL, within fifteen days following the conclusion of the auction, that the purchased lot is a deliberate counterfeit , convincingly demonstrating such a fact.

The transactions in which Subasta Real intervenes are subject to the provisions of Spanish Law and, more specifically, to the stipulations that regulate the mediation and deposit agreements. In case of discrepancies between the parties for reasons of auction operations, the seller, the buyer and Subasta Real, waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply, will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona, Spain.

Registration as a user has no additional charge. The Registration Form, collects the data of the future user, in order to operate with maximum security in the Auction. It must be filled in truthfully and kept up to date. Faced with any intentional error, false registration data or breach of the conditions and rules indicated, Subasta Real may delete the user's account without prior notice or right of compensation. All data is treated with the utmost discretion and following the PRIVACY POLICY of Subasta Real. As a member of a community with a common interest, the only prerequisite to any operation is the acceptance of the rules of procedure. Once registered, the user agrees to use the means of the web page subastareal.es for the purpose for which they were created and to act in accordance with current legislation, respecting the privacy policy and the moral characteristics of the page.