Frecuently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions in Subasta Real


Get answers to the most common questions in our portal in this section.

How do I register in the portal?

You can register on our website through the following form . It is necessary to operate in Subasta Real that all users register using their true and correct name, as well as their address and any data requested by Subasta Real.

Is the registration necessary to be able to buy and sell?

Yes, the registration in Subasta Real is necessary both to buy and to sell in our portal.

How do I place a bid?

Once you are in the detail of the lot for which you want to make the bid you must choose the amount in the "Place a bid" drop-down. Then you must click on the "Place Bid" button. The system will show you a pop-up window with the amount of your bid, the commission of our portal, the corresponding taxes and the total that would result in your invoice without shipping costs. You must click on "Accept" to validate your bid or "Cancel" to cancel the operation. The fact that you make a bid implies that you agree to complete the purchase process.

I placed a bid at the last second and the remaining time has lengthened. What happens?

When a user makes a bid in the last 3 minutes, the closing time is increased by another 3 minutes to give other users the option to bid again.

What clock should I keep in mind at auctions?

It is the clock of Subasta Real's server that is used to determine when an auction ends and therefore the one used to admit or not a bid. The clock with countdown that appears on the Subasta Real page is generated in your browser with Javascript and is synchronized regularly with the server so that all users see the same remaining time reflected. However, there may be a lag of a few seconds between the clock displayed in your browser and the server clock, so we always recommend not to bid in the last few seconds as the server may not accept them. Keep in mind that the fact of bidding in the last seconds will cause the remaining time to increase 3 minutes so it is not necessary to waste time.

Can I withdraw a bid once it has been made?

The withdrawal of bids is forbidden, so we kindly ask you to think about your bid before doing it, because in case you are the maximum bidder the lot will be awarded.

What do I commit to when bidding?

When making a bid you agree to complete the purchase process in the case of being the highest bidder.

I'm in the view of a lot, should I refresh the page to see if someone has bid?

No, it is not necessary since the system updates the bid list automatically. Every time a user makes a bid or an offer you will see a notification of it.

Does the so-called reserve price exist in Subasta Real?

No, the starting price is the minimum sale price and if you bid you are committing to buy the lot by the bid price plus the corresponding expenses. Likewise, the seller agrees to sell the lot for that price.

Who am I buying the lot from?

If you buy a lot in our auction you will receive an invoice issued by Open Auctions S.L., fiscal figure of Subasta Real, which guarantees your purchase at 100%. Open Auctions S.L. is responsible for all the lots he puts on sale on his website.

What expenses apply to the purchase of a lot?

To the auction price, 18% + VAT must be added as commission. (As an example if you win a lot with a bid of € 100, the final price of your invoice will be € 100 + € 18 commission + € 3.78 VAT on the commission, Total € 121.78). Likewise, the shipping costs of the lot will have to be added to the address you choose.

How much does it cost to ship a lot?

Shipping costs depend on the one hand on the destination and on the other on the weight and volume of the package. You can request an estimate for sending a lot by email at the address Subasta Real works with the best transport agencies to offer you the best price in the best conditions.

Is the shipment insured?

Yes, the shipment is insured up to € 3000. For higher amounts, special insurance must be requested.

I have bought several lots, can I group them all in a single shipment?

Yes, of course, if you buy several lots we can send them all together to save costs. The option "SELECT ALL AUCTIONS" within the section "ORDERS AND INVOICES" will unify all the lots in the same order. If you want to send the lots to different addresses or recipients, you must use the "ADD TO ORDER" option to create an individual order for each lot.

Can I go to your offices to pick up a lot?

Yes of course, but we kindly ask you to let us know before coming so that we have everything ready for your arrival. You can send us an email to or call us at +34 932 229 573

Can I pay for the lot and pick it up later?

Yes, you can pay for the lot and come later to pick up it. Once paid, we will keep the lot for 30 days at no cost. Once this period has passed, a charge of €5 per day will be applied for storage and insurance.

I have received the lot and everything is correct, should I do something?

No, we understand that if we do not hear from you in 14 days it is that you have received the lot well and everything is to your liking.

I am interested in a lot but I find the starting price too high, can I make a lower offer?

Yes, if the lot has not received bids, you can make a downbid. Once the auction is over, the owner will review the downbids and decide whether to accept the highest of them or not. If it is accepted, a valid bid will be generated for that price and you can proceed to complete the purchase.

How do I downbid?

If a lot has not received bids, a drop-down will appear with the option to make a downbid. You must choose the amount of your offer and click on the orange button "Place Downbid". The system will show you a message with the amount of your offer, the commission of our portal, the corresponding taxes and the total that would result in your invoice without shipping costs. You must click on "Accept" to validate your offer or "Cancel" to cancel the operation. The fact that you make an offer implies that you agree to buy the lot if the owner accepts your offer.

Can I withdraw an downbid once it has been made?

The withdrawal of downbids offers is prohibited, so we ask you to think carefully about your offer before making it, since in case the owner accepts it, the lot will be awarded to you.

What do I commit to when placing an downbid?

By placing a downbid you agree to complete the purchase process in the event that the owner of the lot accepts your offer.

What is the difference between bidding and downbidding?

When you bid, the owner of the lot is obliged to sell, so if you are the highest bidder, the lot is awarded to you. When you make a downbid offer, the owner of the lot can accept or reject the offer, so the lot will only be awarded if the owner accepts.

I want to receive email alerts for a lot that interests me, what should I do?

What you have to do is click on the heart-shaped icon "Follow this auction" within the lot detail. From that moment you will receive by email all the news and alerts regarding that lot.

I am interested in artworks by a specific artist, can you notify me by email when you publish any of her/his artworks?

Yes, what you should do is create a "Custom alert" from the "My account" section. When creating a custom alert, the system will send you an email informing you when artworks by the artist of your choice are published.

The auction has ended and I am the winner of the lot, what should I do to complete the purchase?

When the auction of a lot ends, if you have placed the highest bid, you are the buyer of that lot. Immediately, Subasta Real will send you an email informing you of your purchase. You can complete the purchase from the section "PENDING PAYMENT AUCTIONS" where you will see a list of your won lots. From this section you can create the order with one or several lots, choose the shipping address and manage your invoices. The option "SELECT ALL AUCTIONS" will add all pending lots in the same order to make a joint shipment. If you want to send the lots to different addresses or recipients, you must create an order for each lot.

The auction has ended and I have made the highest downbid, what happens now?

The seller-owner of the lot must decide whether or not to accept your offer. The system will inform you by email of the seller-owner's decision. In the event that your offer is accepted, a valid bid will be generated for that amount and you will be able to complete the purchase process.

I have already paid for the lot, how long does it take to ship?

Once you have paid for a lot, the seller-owner is asked to send the lot to our offices, the lot is reviewed and forwarded to you along with the purchase invoice. The entire process may take up to 7 business days.

What is bid increment?

The bid increment in an auction is the amount by which a bid is raised each time the current one is exceeded. It defaults based on the current highest bid. Below is a table with the increments based on the current highest bid:

Last bid  Increase
< 300€ 10€
Between 300€ and 500€ 25€
Between 500€ and 1000€ 50€
Between 1000€ and 3000€ 100€
Between 3000€ and 5000€ 200€
Between 5000€ and 10000€ 250€
>10000€ 500€


What payment methods do you accept? How long do I have to pay?

The hammer price of a lot will be increased with an 18% commission for intermediation fees in the operation plus the VAT corresponding to them. This amount must be paid by the buyer within a maximum period of 7 days from the lot award date, in cash, bank check, by bank transfer or by credit card. Payment by credit card is made through our Banco de Sabadell virtual POS secure payment gateway with all the security guarantees. The lot cannot be picked up until the entire invoice has been paid. In the event that payment is not made within 7 days of the award date, the bid may be canceled. Subasta Real reserves the option to disable the user for subsequent auctions in the event that no communication has been received from him. After these 7 days, the damage caused to the objects or artworks awarded will be the sole responsibility of the successful bidder or buyer.

What commission do you charge to put a lot up for sale?

Once the auction is concluded, the commission of 15% + the corresponding taxes and other expenses, if any, will be deducted from the hammer price. The corresponding deduction will be applied to the artworks of the authors subject to the law 22/87 of the intellectual property when it proceeds and will be paid by the seller.

I am a professional, I have many lots to put up for sale and I would like to work with you, what can you offer me?

We offer you to be a supplier of Subasta Real. Being a supplier of Subasta Real allows you to put your lots for sale through our system in the best possible conditions.

What commission do you charge professionals?

We study each case individually depending on the number of lots offered for sale, their quality and other factors such as a good description of the works, the photographs provided, etc ... The commission may vary between 5% + VAT and 12% + VAT.

What factors will make the commission charged me as a supplier lower?

The factors to determine the commission are: Number of lots published. Quality of the lots. Providing good information on the lots. Supply of good photographs. Commitment to a suitable starting price.

I have filled in the form for creating a new lot but I don't see my lot published, what happens?

Once you have submitted the "Create a new lot" form, it must be reviewed by us before publication to verify that it meets our quality standards. The review will be carried out as soon as possible and if there is any impediment to put the artwork for sale we will notify you immediately.

What is the estimated price?

The estimated price is an approximate value that a lot could have in a supposed market, which will not be binding in the bids. For example, it would be the gallery sale price of a artwork.

I am a professional, do I decide the starting price?

Yes, you, as a professional and owner of your artworks know better than anyone the price at which they should be put up for sale. The starting price is the minimum selling price so if someone bids for that price you are obliged to sell the lot. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if Subasta Real considers that the starting price is too high, we will contact you to try to agree on a price reduction.

The auction of one of my lots with bids has ended, what should I do?

Once the auction of a lot with bids is finished, the system will inform the buyer to proceed with the payment. As the seller, you will be informed that the lot is virtually sold and you will be asked to proceed with the shipment of the perfectly packaged lot to our offices so that once it is reviewed we can forward it to the buyer.

The auction of one of my lots has ended without bids but I have received downbids, what should I do?

If a lot ends without bids but you have received downbids offers, it is you who decides whether or not to accept them. You can check your "My received downbids" from the "My account" section. If you accept the offer, a bid will be generated for the price offered and the system will inform the buyer so that he can complete the purchase process. You, for your part, must ship the lot perfectly packed to our offices so that once it has been reviewed, we can forward it to the buyer. In case you do not accept the downward offer, the system will inform the buyer. Likewise, you can put the lot back up for sale by lowering the starting price.

The auction of a lot has ended without bids or downbids...

In this case we will have to analyze the reason that the lot has not received the interest of the buyers and try to correct the defects. You can put it up for sale again by lowering the starting price after a while and lengthening the days of publication so that it is seen by the largest number of bidders.

I am a supplier and I have sold several lots, how long does you take to pay me?

Payments to sellers are made once the buyer has paid, received the lot and given its approval. If you have sold several lots, a joint payment will be made to you once all buyers have completed the purchase. In any case, the maximum time to make the payment is 30 calendar days.

What do I commit to as a supplier?

As the supplier, you guarantee that you are the legitimate owner or person authorized to dispose of the goods that you assign to Subasta Real for auction. Likewise, it undertakes to faithfully describe the lots to be published, to establish a fair starting price in line with the reality of the market and to ship the awarded lots well packed to our offices once the auction is over. Likewise, it undertakes to return the paid money to Subasta Real in the event that there is a claim for false work.

What happens if the buyer does not pay?

Subasta Real never ships or delivers a lot without having previously paid. Likewise, Subasta Real will never request a supplier to ship a lot until the buyer has paid for what in the worst case scenario we would find ourselves facing an unfinished sale. Subasta Real cannot verify the buyer's payment capacity in any case and therefore does not guarantee that the user who is the winner in the auction will pay the final award price, therefore Subasta Real is not responsible for the behavior of their users and therefore the auction ends successfully, since it is beyond their control.

Is there a cost to publish the lots in the auction?

No, Subasta Real only charges the corresponding commission in the event that the sale of a lot has been concluded.

When is a sale considered completed?

A sale is considered concluded when the buyer has paid, received the lot and given its approval. In any case, it is considered concluded after 14 days after the delivery of the lot without there being any type of claim.