Amèlia Riera: "Mythical Oniro n.4" (1992)

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Author: Amèlia Riera (Barcelona, 1934-2019). Title: Mythical Oniro n.4. Description: mixed on canvas made in 1992 by the Barcelona artist Amèlia Riera. Measures without frame 55x46 cm. Certificate of authenticity is attached. Artwork in good condition. Amèlia Riera has Artworked drawing, painting and engraving. Founding member of the Ciclo de Arte de Hoy in 1962, she participated in the Salón de Mayo and the Feminine Salon of Contemporary Art in Barcelona, as well as in the Basel and New York art fairs. She is one of the most important Catalan creators of Informalism. He evolves towards a very personal neosurrealist stage, creating dream and astral worlds. If at first his main axes were sadomasochism, eroticism and necrophilia, later these have been displaced by the search for emptiness, nothingness or the placement of everyday elements, which intuit the human presence in his Artworks, without being represented. . All this prints a strong ritual character of solemn environments, arranged with a central perspective, not exempt from a certain funereal character. His paintings are an exponent of a meticulous and perfectionist Artwork, and in terms of color it is conditioned by the staging, and consequently they are usually dark tones with central points of light. His particular and personal Artwork has been seen in national and international exhibitions.

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