Bernard Buffet: "Arlequín" 338/375

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Autor: Bernard Buffet (1928-1999). Título: Arlequín (1956). Descripción: litografía firmada y fechada 1956 en plancha y numerada 338/375. Sello seco en el ángulo inferior derecho. Medidas sin marco 65x51 cm. Obra en buenas condiciones.

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  2020-9-10 19:36:00


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  • Pilar Xercavins: "Austral Right Whale" (2023)

    Author: Pilar Xercavins Casas Title of the Artwork: Southern right whale Year of completion: 2023 Technique: oil on canvas signed in the lower right corner. Signed on the back. Measurements: 46 X38X 4 cm canvas Condition: excellent Artist's CV: - Various individual and group exhibitions. - Artworks in museums and honorable mentions. - 23 international awards -Latest exhibitions in which Pilar Xercavins has exhibited 2024 Woman`s Essence Show, Barcelona 2024 The Art Show Los Angeles 2023 Spectrum Miami International Fair 2023 USA Biennial Tour Washington, USA.Whashington,UsA 2023 Fira Internacional dárt de ,Barcelona 2023 Parliament of Malta,Italy 2023 Galleria della Biblioteca Angelica,Rome 2023 1st Sanremo Biennale at the Ariston theatre, Italy 2023 Ximènes Panciatichi Palace, Florence 2023 woman's Essence at Labo gallery, Berlin 2023 Some of my Artworks exhibited at TIMES QUARE, New York 2023 Forli Fair, Italy 2022 Space Gallery, London 2022 4th Biennial at the MEAM Museum, Barcelona 2022 International Contemporary Art Salon Carrousel de LOUVRE, Paris 2022 Biennale Internacionale,Expo Gallery,Hotel Montecarlo Bay,Montecarlo 2022 Lucca International Fair, Stockholm with the Gaudí Gallery, Madrid 2022 I participate in the book "artists" 2022, Annuario Internazionale d´Arte Contemporáneo, Mondadori STore publishing house, Italy 2021- Selected to participate in the first page of ART UNIVERSAL The great encyclopedia of universal art2021-Fair International Contemporary Art Art 3F Paris (with the Gaudi gallery, Madrid) 2021-Gallery of the Commissioner of the Dominican Republic, Manhattan (USA) 2021-Haegeumgang Museum, 7th International art Festival, South Korea 2021-Couldad Zuvenigorot Cultural Center (Moscow) 2021-the house of Nationales, Moscow (Russia) 2020 - Arte by Leyton Gallery, Estepona. 2019 - Luxembourg Art Fair, Luxembourg. 2019 - Her Studio, Berlin. 2019 - Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center, Miami. 2019 - Saphira & Ventura Gallery, New York. 2019 - Sansi Fresnillo Gallery. Fresnillo, Mexico. 2018 - González Gallo Cultural Center. Chapala, Mexico. 2018 - Art Gallery Ruse, Bulgaria. 2018 - First International Art Fair, Mexico. 2018 - Frisco Art Gallery. Dallas, USA. 2018 - I International Art and Culture Show, Melilla. 2018 - Museum Latino Pomona, Los Angeles. 2018 - National Gallery, New York. 2017 - Francisco Goitia Museum, Mexico. 2017 - Zaragoza ARTZ Fair. 2017 - XVIII International Winter Show, Barcelona. (Honorary Medal). 2017 - Crisolart Gallery, Barcelona. (International Art Competition). 2017 - Ulmacarisa Gallery, Madrid. (Special guest. Honorary medal). 2017 - IMC Gallery, New York. 2017 - Second International Contemporary Art Exhibition (ART3F Exhibition). Toulouse, France. 2017 - Domus Romane Gallery, Italy. 2017 - Sky Gallery Art, Barcelona. 2017 - International Art Fair, Granada. 2017 - CC Montjuïc Gallery, Barcelona. 2017 - Santa Maria Maggiore Gallery, Rome. 2017 - Bateau Daphné. Tour of Auvers-sur-Oise (special Vincent Van Gogh). Paris. 2017 - Montjuic Gallery, Barcelona. 2017 - Nedev Maggiore Gallery, Bulgaria. 2017 - Sighisoara History Museum, Romania. (Guest artist). 2017 - Giovanna Maria Vanni Gallery. Tuscany, Italy

    450 EUR
    End Date: 4/18/24 6:30 PM
  • Jaume Muxart: "Flower vase" 130/190

    Author: Jaume Muxart (Barcelona, 1922). Title: Vase of Flowers. Description: lithograph signed in pencil by the artist and numbered 130/190 Measurements without frame 76x56 cm. framed. Artwork in good condition.

    150 EUR
    End Date: 4/18/24 6:35 PM
  • Miguel Torner de Semir: untitled mixed technique

    Author: Miguel Torner de Semir (Girona, 1938). Title: untitled. Description: Mixed media on dirty paper glued to tablex. Signed in the lower left corner. Measurements without frame 34x49 cm. Artwork in good condition.

    180 EUR
    End Date: 4/18/24 6:40 PM
  • Suzanne Grange: "Flowers" (1975)

    Author: Suzanne Grange (France S.XX). Title: Flowers. Description: mixed media on paper signed and dated June 75 in the lower margin. Measurements without frame 38x24 cm. Measurements with frame 52x39 cm. Artwork in good condition with signs of age.

    400 EUR
    End Date: 4/18/24 6:45 PM
  • Modest Cuixart: "Doll" 624/1500

    Author: Modest Cuixart (Barcelona 1925-2007) . Title: Doll. Description: lithograph signed in pencil by the artist. Copy 624/1500. Measurements without frame 75x54 cm. Framed. Artwork in good condition.

    150 EUR
    End Date: 4/18/24 6:50 PM