Fina Miralles: "Llamas" 19/99

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Autor: Fina Miralles (1950). Título: Llamas (Galería Joan Prats, 1983). Descripción: litografía sobre papel Gvarro firmada a mano por la artista y numerada 19/99. Medidas sin marco 76x56 cm. Obra en buen estado.

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    MIRALLES, Josep Maria (Manresa, Barcelona, 1937). “Sweet Savage Love”. Mixed media on canvas. Signed in the lower right corner. Signed and titled on the back. Measurements: 25.5 x 40.5 cm. A self-taught artist, Josep Maria Miralles began his career collaborating with "Selecciones Ilustradas" in 1953, and also drawing comics for the French publisher Artima. He would then live very productive years, drawing romantic stories for the British magazines "Valentine", "Marilyn" and "Roxy". However, more interested in color illustration, he began to alternate this activity with comics. Since the mid-1960s, he will draw comics only occasionally, including the one that appeared in the American magazine "Vampirella" in 1977: "An insult to science", with a script by Fernando Fernández, an author with whom he has shared various works. In the eighties he drew some more short stories, with scripts by Carlos Trillo, for the Toutain publishing house. As an illustrator, Miralles has worked for publishers in the United States (Dell Books, Ace Books), Spain (Afha, Plaza & Janés, Toray, Martínez Roca) and France (Hachette, Reader's Digest). Likewise, throughout his career he has also cultivated painting, and has exhibited his paintings on several occasions.

    180 EUR
    End Date: 12/1/22 9:45 PM

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