Girona II virgili BCN 1965. Copia fotográfica original numerada y firmada por el Autor

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Girona II virgili BCN 1965. Copia fotográfica original numerada y firmada por el Autor 60x40 cm Firmada n l reverso a lápiz certificado de autenticidad Fotógrafo J C Virgili

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    53x30 cm Signed on the back in pencil certificate of authenticity MOMOKO II/X MOMOKO (Paris 1965) Photographer Specialized in images, MOMOKO is an artistic photographer. His Artwork is characterized by the pictorial atmosphere, the management of color, framing, light, speed and abstract character are his greatest interest when creating an image not only with the technical effect, but also the anecdotal one. , he will be or he will not be. He is interested in people interpreting his photography, creating doubts and mystery. This forces the viewer to look at it for a while and delve into the textures. The idea is that it is disturbing, that it seems that the print will start to move at any moment, creating figures that only the first-person viewer will be able to identify. Make it clear that it is not only a photograph but that it can be interpreted as a frame of your (people's) imagination. The technique he likes to use for his Photographic Artworks: Mixed, simple, direct and manual, no Digital process with the baryta paper used mainly in black and white photography, Virgili adapts it to color, giving it his personal touch, canceling the polyethylene of normal paper and using barium sulfate “barite” coating that gives a natural shine to the coating. Exhibitions (selection): 1992 Église du parc. Fontenay auxRoses 1998 Ateneu Cadaques (Collective) 2002 La Salle by Jean Pierre Lanvallay Bretagne (Collective) 2012 Vilopriu Castle Vilopriu Girona 2013 La Salle le Stop by Toni Paris (Collective) 2014 La sala de les Rambles del Poble Nou Barcelona 2015 Galleria Sky Barcelona -2016 Gallery RRLuxury C. Town

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    Autor: Antoni Tàpies (1923-2012). Título: sin título. Descripción: litografía firmada en plancha sin numerar. Medidas sin marco 56x76 cm. Obra en buenas condiciones.

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    Autor: Antoni Tàpies Puig (Barcelona, 1923 - 2012). Título: M, ojos y cruz. Descripción: litografía sobre papel ARTE de la casa Guarro firmada en plancha y numerada J431/1000 a lápiz. Editada por ALTAYA e impresa por Polígrafa, Barcelona. Medidas sin marco 46x33 cm. Obra en buenas condiciones.

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    Author: Antoni Tàpies Puig (Barcelona, 1923-2012). Title: Senyera (1971). Description: lithograph in yellow, gray and red on Guarro paper. Signed in pencil by the artist and numbered P.A. Edited by Sala Gaspar, Barcelona. Reference Tàpies Graphic Artwork 1947-72 number 285. Measurements without frame 43x62 cm. Plate measurements 24x37 cm. Artwork in good condition.

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