José Luis Leiredo: "Ferrari 166MM" 1/500

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José Luis Leirado. Ferrari 166MM. Litografía firmada a mano y numerada a lápiz 1/500. Medidas sin marco 28x39 cm. Enmarcado.

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  2023-11-23 21:20:00


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  • Firmado Colomer: "Paisaje"

    Autor: Firmado Colomer. Título: Paisaje. Descripción: óleo sobre lienzo firmado en el ángulo inferior derecho. Medidas sin marco 50x61 cm. Enmarcado. Obra en buenas condiciones. Marco con manchas.

    280 EUR
    End Date: 12/12/23 9:35 PM
  • Bouchet-Aubert: "Roma, Villa Medici"

    Autor: Bouchet-Aubert. Título: Roma, Villa Medici. Descripción: aguafuerte de 1840. Certificado de garantía al dorso. Medidas sin marco 10x12 cm. Medidas con marco 22x24 cm. Obra en buenas condiciones con signos de la edad.

    120 EUR
    End Date: 12/14/23 8:45 PM
  • Firma ilegible: "Golf Empordà" (1997)

    Firma ilegible. Título: Golf Empordà (1997). Descripción: acuarela firmada y fechada 1997. Medidas sin marco 22x31 cm. Obra en buenas condiciones.

    100 EUR
    End Date: 12/14/23 8:55 PM
  • Mirón's Discobolus. Copy Aristotle 167/998.

    Mirón's Discobolus (2017). Sculpture made in bronze using the lost wax technique on a travertine marble base. Edition of five series (Aristotle, Plato, Archimedes, Socrates and Pythagoras) of 998 copies each published by Planeta in 2017. Aristotle copy 167 of 998. The sculpture of the Discobolus is accompanied by the book Grecian Sculpture, a large-format volume conceived as a true tribute to the artistic creation of Ancient Greece. The volume contains studies by specialists in Hellenic art that describe the process of creation of some of the great Greek Artworks that have survived to this day, as well as an extensive study of the sculpture of the Discobolus. Both the sculpture and the volume are presented in a careful and elegant case to protect the Artwork, which also serves as a decorative element thanks to the attractiveness and elegance of its design. Technical specifications Case Measurements: 44 x 54 x 31 cm. Styrofoam interior in high-density gray tones. Interior die for the sculpture and exterior nest for the volume. It contains the volume Greek Sculpture, the sculpture Discobolus by Mirón and the numbered Notarial Record. Sculpture - Mirón's discus thrower Sculpture cast in lost wax bronze. Patina finish. Hand numbering of 5 series from 1 to 998. Inscription in bas-relief at the base of the sculpture of a phrase from a philosopher and the title of the Artwork. Travertine marble base. Approximate weight: 9.2 kg. Measurements: sculpture: 30 x 21 x 21 cm; circular base: diameter 21 cm, thickness 5 mm; base: 4 x 22.6 x 22.6 cm. Volume - Greek sculpture Format: 38 x 28 cm. 192 pages. 5-ink printing. Gallery Gloss coated art paper 170 g. Lid lining in 150 g semi-matt coated and matte laminated. Binding: 3 mm lined and laminated cardboard. Flat spine sewn with black Setalux Brilliant fabric and printed with silkscreen.

    1500 EUR
    End Date: 12/7/23 5:50 PM
  • Michelangelo: "The hands of Adam's creation" Caprese 113/998

    Michelangelo: The hands of Adam's creation. Bronze sculpture on a travertine marble base made from the Sistine Chapel fresco The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo Buonarroti. The sculpture is accompanied by the Michelangelo volume printed in five inks on 170 gram coated Gallery Gloss paper. Edition limited to five series (Caprese, Settignano, Firenze, Rome and Vatican) of 998 copies each. Caprese copy 113 of 998. Edited by Planeta in 2015. Technical specifications Case Measurements: 51.1 x 41.3 x 20.4 cm Styrofoam interior in high-density gray tones Interior die for the sculpture and exterior nest for the volume Contains the Michelangelo volume, the sculpture The Hands of the Creation of Adam and the numbered Notarial Act Sculpture - The hands of Adam's creation Sculpture cast in lost wax bronze Hand numbering of 5 series from 1 to 998 Signature inscription and a phrase by Michelangelo engraved on the arch Travertine marble pedestal Approx. weight: 4.5 kg Measurements: sculpture: 29 x 10 cm; arch diameter: 33 cm; base: 10 x 22 x 4 cm Volume - Michelangelo Format: 38 x 28 cm 192 pages 5-ink printing Gallery Gloss Coated Art Paper 170g 150 g semi-matte coated lid lining and matte lamination Binding: 3 mm lined and laminated cardboard Flat spine sewn with black Setalux Brilliant fabric and printed with silkscreen.

    1000 EUR
    End Date: 12/7/23 5:55 PM

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  • Salvador Dalí: "La persistance de la mémorie" 2638/3000

    Autor: Salvador Dalí. Título: La persistance de la mémorie. Descripción: moneda de plata 999 en edición limitada de 3000 ejemplares. Ejemplar número 2638. Valor facial 10€. Medidas 38x29,1 mm. Peso 22,2 gramos. Editada por Monnaine de Paris dentro de su caja original.

    50 EUR
    End Date: 12/1/23 8:10 PM
  • Josep Guinovart: "Amsterdam 1 y 2" 13/15

    Autor: Josep Guinovart (Barcelona, 1927-2007). Título: Amsterdam 1 y 2 (1976). Descripción: díptico formado por dos litografías en estructura de madera creada por Guinovart en edición limitada de 15 ejemplares. Firmado y numerado 13/15. Medidas sin marco de cada litografía 56x76 cm. Medidas con marco de cada una 60x80. Medidas totales del díptico 60x160 cm. Obra en buenas condiciones con signos de la edad.

    1000 EUR
    End Date: 12/1/23 8:20 PM
  • Salvador Pérez Bassols: "White horse"

    Author: Salvador Pérez Bassols (Barcelona, 1948). Title: White horse. Description: oil on canvas signed in the lower right corner. Measures without frame 41x33 cm. Artwork in good condition.

    300 EUR
    End Date: 12/1/23 8:25 PM
  • José Pérez Ocaña: untitled drawing

    Author : "OCAÑA" Ocaña José Pérez Ocaña (Cantillana, Seville, 1947-1983). Title: untitled. Description: pencil drawing on paper signed in the lower right corner. Measures without frame 20x15 cm. Measures with frame 30x25.5 cm. Artwork in good condition. Famous in Barcelona nights.

    150 EUR
    End Date: 12/1/23 8:30 PM