Josep Guinovart: untitled lithograph HC II/V (1992)

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Author: Josep Guinovart (1927-2007). Title: untitled (1992). Description: lithograph with collage (glass piece) signed and dated 92 in pencil by the artist and numbered H.C. II/V. Measurements without frame 75x55 cm. Artwork in good condition.

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  • Joan Guinovart: Tribute to Joan Prats. 1975

    Author:Joan Guinovart.Title: Tribute to Joan Prats. Description: Original lithograph made for the posthumous tribute to Joan Prats in 1975. Made on super alpha thread paper. Limited edition of 100 numbered copies (58), signed on plate. Edited by La Poligrafa. Measurements: 36 x 27 cm. Artwork in good condition.

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  • Casademont le vieux: "Sa Conillera, Eivissa" (1974)

    Author: Casademont le vieux (Barcelona 1923 - Girona, 2007). Title: Sa Conillera, Eivissa. Description: oil on canvas made in 1974 by the Barcelona artist Casademont le vieux. Measures without frame 81x65 cm. Certificate of authenticity is attached. Artwork in good condition. Casademont Le vieux (Barcelona 1923-Girona, 2007) is one of the artists who are part of the history of 20th century art in Sant Cugat and one of the outstanding Catalan artists of the 20th century. Casademont has a very personal Artwork with an austere palette and very rich in nuances, reflecting the landscape in its broadest sense. His vital character took him to many parts of the world, spending seasons in places that have been beautifully expressed in his Artwork as a whole. Awarded with various prizes such as Creu de Sant Jordi, awarded in 1994, Gold Medal-Sala of the Hotel de Ville de Vichy, the Honorary President medal at the Academie du Vernet, that of adopted son of the State of Styria in Graz (Austria). . He was also a corresponding Academician of the Royal Catalan Academy of Fine Arts of Sant Jordi in Barcelona. He obtained the engraving prize at the Salón de Octubre in the city of Palma de Mallorca. First engraving medal at the V Mostra Internazionale de Lugano (Switzerland). First prize for engraving in the XIV Girona Art Contest, nationwide. It appears in the catalogs of the years 1962, 1967 and 1968 of the Salón de Mayo. Throughout his career, prominent art critics have written about him and his Artwork. There are numerous exhibitions held, both here and abroad, and his Artwork can be seen in various national and international museums.

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  • Josep Grau-Garriga: "Petita contrallum" (1989)

    Author: Josep Grau-Garriga (Sant Cugat,1929 – Saint Mathurin Sur Loire –France-,2011). Title: Petita contrallum. Description: Mixed media on canvas made in 1989 by the artist from Sancuga, Josep Grau-Garriga. Measurements without frame 51x42 cm. Certificate of authenticity is attached. Artwork in good condition. Josep Grau-Garriga (Sant Cugat, 1929 – Saint Mathurin Sur Loire -France-, 2011) studied at the “Llotja” School of Arts and Crafts and at the Barcelona School of Fine Arts. A painter by training, he Artworked in the field of mural painting and stained glass and came into contact with the world of tapestry, starting with the old Casa Aymat factory in Sant Cugat. It was he who introduced the renewal of tapestry art at the level of the entire Spanish state and he did it from this manufacture and from the artistic section that he directed from 1957 to 1970. The Catalan School of Tapestry was created there and the renewal would come from there. and the new concepts of art in this discipline. In addition to his Artwork in the field of textiles, his creations are also inclined towards pictorial Artwork, creating a lot of collage and assemblage, where the fabric has a prominent role. Since 1992 he lived in Saint Mathurin Sur Loire -Angers- (France). The French government awarded him the distinction of Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts el des Lettres and in 1985 he received the Creu de Sant Jordi distinction from the Generalitat de Catalunya. His Artworks have been exhibited throughout the world and are present in leading museums and public and private collections of different museums and galleries in various cities around the world, mainly in Europe and the United States.

    2900 EUR
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  • Ramiro Fernández Saus: "Romantic couple"

    Author: Ramiro Fernández Saus (Sabadell, 1961). Title: Romantic Parella. Description: Mixed media on board signed with RFS initials in the lower right corner. Measurements without frame 100x81 cm. Artwork in good condition.

    7500 EUR
    End Date: 2/28/24 9:50 PM
  • Javier Espigares: "Marina Abstract" 2023

    Author: Javier Espigares Title of the Artwork: "Marina Abstract" (2023) The Artwork is based on a sunset, expressed in an abstract way. This Artwork clearly reflects the technique so characteristic of the author of the Artwork, giving it a realistic touch with clear abstract signs. The Artwork is made with acrylic paint, on wide wood on each side, the painting measures 80x80 cm, plus 4 centimeters of frame. The Artwork represents somewhat exaggerated color contrasts, with many contrasts, but with a harmony typical of this painter, in his tireless search to allow us to enter the painting and relive positive moments, thanks to a special color. Javier Espigares is a plastic, landscape, figurative, abstract artist, with fauvist and luminist airs, with a wide career, having held numerous exhibitions, including Tabakalera Donostia, Ispilu Zarautz gallery (contemporary abstract art gallery), etc., also making live art, having carried out Artworkshops and master classes in some cultural centers and schools. He has also received numerous awards in painting competitions. Specialist in acrylic and watercolor painting, also mastering other techniques and sculpture. The Artwork is framed based on the quality of the Artwork. in black treated wood with a gold front, in an American box, A unique piece.

    750 EUR
    End Date: 2/28/24 9:55 PM
  • Dima Gorban: "Table for two" 381/495

    Autor: Dima Gorban. Título: Table for two. Descripción: serigrafía firmada a mano y numerada 381/495. Medidas sin marco 73x36 cm. Obra en buenas condiciones.

    110 EUR
    End Date: 2/29/24 6:00 PM