Modest Room "The Beginning" (2008)

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Oil on canvas. excellent condition Modest Sala Sebastià (Badalona, 1951) is a painter and writer. Sign the seves obres com “Walas”. Influenced by the family tradition, she has dedicated herself to painting since she was 18 years old in a self-taught way. The initial figurative style eventually evolved into abstract expressionism and later capped into informalism. Most of these works have an essential material component, which gives these paintings a characteristic texture. The technique he uses to create the seven paintings is complex. It manufactures its own diluents that it sweeps up with marble and other materials. The base of the color are pigments a l'oli. Throughout his career, he has held national and international exhibitions: Principal Art Barcelona, AFF Art Fair, SIART, GMAC LA Bastille Paris, MARBART, Art Fair Cologne, Donostean Kursal, Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, Hirochima Prefectural Art Museum, Art Beijing, Art Baho, EFE Serrano Gallery, Nou Mil.leni Gallery, Cervantes Gallery, ST-ART.11 Strasbourg, Aragon Gallery, Fundación Iberoamericana Universidades. He has published Demoniacal (LegaxArt, 2014), Materiae vs Vitae (LEgaxArt2015) and Are we humans vermin? (LegaxArt,2017)

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