Salvador Dalí: reproducción de "El torero halucinogéne"

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Autor: Salvador Dalí. Título: El torero halucinogéne. Descripción: reproducción offset en edición desconocida. Editada por Demart Pro Arte. Medidas sin marco 80x60 cm. Obra con signos de la edad.

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  • Salvador Dalí: "Figueras Theater Museum" 1974

    Author: Salvador Dali. Title: Figueras Theater Museum. Description: Poster announcing the inauguration of the Figueres Museum Theater in 1974. Illustrated with The 12 Tribes of Israel (Ruben). Sheet measures 73 x 52 cm. Artwork in good condition

    70 EUR
    End Date: 5/31/23 9:15 PM
  • Salvador Dalí: "Hommage to Albrect Dürer"

    Author: Salvador Dali. Title: Hommage to Albrect Dürer. Description: poster on lithographic paper. Edited by Sala Gaspar with watermark on the paper. Reference Catalog Graphic Artwork Sala Gaspar 1975 number 1503. Paper size 76x56.5 cm. Artwork in good condition with signs of age.

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  • Salvador Dalí: "El novio sobre la colina" 225/250

    Autor: Salvador Dalí. Título: El novio sobre la colina. Descripción: grabado con purpurina dorada sobre papel Archés firmado a lápiz y numerado 225/250. Pertenece a la Suite Song of Songs of Solomon. Referencia Catálogo Prestel número 473 página 193. Medidas del papel 57x37 cm. Medidas de la plancha 40x25 cm. Obra en buenas condiciones.

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  • Salvador Dalí: "Kosanaga chojo" B.A.T.

    Author: Salvador Dali. Title: Kosanaga chojo. Description: etching on BFK Rives paper signed in pencil. Exemplary B.A.T. (Bon à tirer). It belongs to the 1974 Japanese Fairy Tales Suite. Character inspired by the Catalan from Cu-Cut! magazine. Reference Albert Field Catalog 76-1-G page 109. Paper measures 66x50.5 cm. Plate measures 48x38.3 cm. Artwork in good condition.

    1900 EUR
    End Date: 6/6/23 6:05 PM
  • Salvador Dali: "Costa Brava" 54/1000

    Author: Salvador Dali (Figueres, 1904-1989). Title: Costa Brava (1971). Description: lithograph in 5 colors signed in pencil and numbered 54/1000. Reference Albert Field Catalogue, 71-1, page 130. Measurements without frame 54x64 cm. Artwork in good condition.

    1250 EUR
    End Date: 6/2/23 8:20 PM

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  • Enric Cormenzana (Barcelona 1948-2011) Painting Author's Work

    Painting Original Artwork direct from Author. Made on French Arches cardboard of heavy weight 300 gr. With stamp engraved in Arches cardboard brand letters. Hand signed in pencil by the artist. Dimensions. 56x77cm In perfect state. Enric Cormenzana Bardas, Barcelona painter, draftsman and engraver born in 1948-2011. He started drawing when he was only 14 years old. He was a student at the "Massana" School and at the Barcelona School of Fine Arts, despite which he considers himself a self-taught artist. He has been professionally dedicated to painting since 1969 and since then he has exhibited individually in Barcelona ("Trece", "Ciento", "Joan Prats" Galleries), Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Valencia ("Punto" Gallery) and Sweden, Malmö ( Galeria Futura), Gisele Linder in Basel (Switzerland), Space Q in Nayoga (Japan) and at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Geneva (Switzerland). He also participated in group shows such as the Ibiza Biennial, the Ibero-American Biennial of Mexico, the Nuremberg Triennial and art fairs in various world capitals such as Art Basel, Art Basel Miami, IKI in Dusseldorf, Inco-art in Rome, Arco in Madrid and Wash -Art in Washington.

    3500 EUR
    End Date: 5/31/23 6:05 PM
  • Lithograph of Original Work by Antoni Tapies from 1976. Signed on the plate

    Lithograph of Original Artwork by Antoni Tapies from 1976. Signed on the plate Description Printed Lithograph of Original Artwork by Antoni Tapies from 1976. The original was donated by the artist during the delivery of the Vicente Andrés Estellés Poetry Prize in 1976. Plate signed. It has an original story related to the October Awards for Catalan culture held in 1976, which were sanctioned by the Civil Governor of Valencia for terrorism with 500,000 pesetas of the time. A few hours after the sanction was made public, some terrorists placed a bomb in the "Tres i Quatre" bookstore in Valencia, founded in 1968 and of Catalanist ideology. Measures without frame 37 x 28.5 cm Original in very good condition. Shipped framed with glass.

    60 EUR
    End Date: 5/31/23 6:10 PM

    ARCADI BLASCO ORIGINAL ETCHING, SIGNED in PENCIL, Belongs to FOLDER 9 RECORDERS: Rafael Armengol, Arcadi Blasco, Manuel Boix, Joan Castejón, Joan Genovés, Artur Heras, Joaquim Michavila, Antoni Miró and Vicent Traver interpret TIRANT LO BLANCH by AUSIÀS MARCH- Published in 1997 on the occasion of the 600th anniversary of the birth of the Valencian poet Ausias March. It is accompanied by tracing paper, the same size as the Artwork with the title of the poem printed in two inks .XXXVII. MINE FOR D´ALGUNA CAUSA MOU, as well as the poem written in two inks on three pages and a double-page folder with good weight paper Torreon paper Publisher: Bancaja Foundation Edition by Josep Palàcios Printing of the text: Palàcios Press (Swedish) Stain size: 25 x 33 cm Etching size: 35.5 x 49 cm. Size of the folder with the written poem: 35.5 x 49 cm

    30 EUR
    End Date: 5/31/23 6:20 PM