Xavier Bartumeus: "Alecto i Tisifone II" P.A. (1 of 3)

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Author: Xavier Bartumeus (Manresa, 1965) . Title: Alecto i Tisifone II (2017). Description: digital giclée print with Ultrachrome pigment inks on Hahnemühle William Turner paper of 310 gr. Limited edition of 10 copies plus 3 artist's proofs illuminated by hand by the author. Hand signed and numbered P.A. (1 of 3). Attached certificate of authenticity issued by the artist. Measures without frame 60x43.1 cm. Artwork in good condition. This Artwork belongs to a series representing a scene from Dante's trip to hell. The original is made with different techniques such as watercolor, pencil, wax, coffee, ink, etc.

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  • Núria Fernández "The infinite trapeze" (2022)

    Núria Fernández "The infinite trapeze" (2022). This Artwork is a composition made up of three pieces (triptych), 50x50 cm. each pieces, made with acrylic paint on canvas. This is a two-dimensional study of space. using lines and geometric shapes. The constant and infinite search for spatial representation. Signed on the back, it is delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

    480 EUR
    End Date: 12/6/23 6:35 PM
  • Núria Fernández "The Bicycle" (2022)

    Núria Fernández "The bicycle" (2022). Acrylic paint on wood. Pictorial composition with predominance of the line. Where the color is subordinate to it. It is an apparently chaotic composition, but it contains a detailed previous study. Signed on the lower left front. With certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. The wooden frame is framed with a black wooden strip.

    780 EUR
    End Date: 12/6/23 6:40 PM
  • Núria Fernández Puig "Burkina Faso Mask" (2022).

    Author: Núria Fernández Puig. Title "Burkina Faso Mask" (2022). Oil on canvas, 100x130 cm. Painting of a traditional mask of the Bwa ethnic group from Burkina Faso on a background with a texture reminiscent of natural stone. It is an ethnic painting that aims to make the customs of indigenous peoples endure. Signed on its back. It is delivered with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. The Artwork is framed with a wooden angle.

    720 EUR
    End Date: 12/6/23 6:45 PM
  • Miguel Robledo Cimbrón :" Gesture expression 06 "(2019):

    Author: Miguel Robledo Cimbrón (Mora de Rubielos, Teruel 1956). Title: "Gestural expression 06" (2019): Description: Mixed media on Watercolor paper signed in the lower right corner. Artwork measures 35 x 27 cm. Measures framed 53.3 x 43.3 cm. Attached certificate of authenticity issued by the artist. With his Artwork on paper, canvas or board, he creates and composes his Artworks, an international painter with a booming career !!!!!!!!!!!! . His Artworks have been exhibited in Halls, Galleries, Palaces, Castles, Museums etc. In countries both Spain and France, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, China, Japan, USA, Etc. . I Miguel Robledo Cimbrón with signature R.Cimbrón…..(THE WALKS OF A CREATOR). The paths and experiences that led me through this world of abstract art begin in an unexpected way that one day I will tell after years in the landscape and figurative, that moment begins was a ray of light of passion and illusion with thoughts and dalliances to express what chance at times flows through your mind with the sense of indifference. The motivations sacrifices and perseverance will be necessary to reach your own identity and allow you to visualize your unknown and deep interior to transmit on the canvas, board or paper the gestural and informal magic of a modus operandi that characterizes me. The creation of my Artworks allow me to communicate a style of influential sensations capable of moving or impressing the being that visualizes it. The content of this expression is the humble reflection of an abstract mind.

    300 EUR
    End Date: 12/6/23 6:50 PM
  • Antoni Tàpies: "Quatre barres" (1971) 50/100

    Author: Antoni Tàpies (1923-2012). Title: Four bars (1971). Description: lithograph on Guarro paper signed in pencil by the artist and numbered 50/100. Edited by Sala Gaspar, Barcelona and printed by Foto-Repro, Barcelona. Reference Tàpies Graphic Artwork 1947-1972 number 286. Measurements without frame 90x65 cm. Artwork in good condition.

    1150 EUR
    End Date: 12/6/23 6:55 PM