YOLANDA GARCÍA DELGADO "Las edades del hombre"- Tríptico. (2020)

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YOLANDA GARCÍA DELGADO "Las edades del hombre"- Tríptico. (2020). Técnica: Mixta (acrílico, collage, oleo) serie realizada con cartón corrugado, periódico y distintos tipos de papel. Descripción: Tríptico compuesto de tres cuadros llamados: Juventud 11, Madurez 13 y Ocaso14 Tras mirarnos en los demás, y definirnos en lo que los demás ven en nosotros. Somos lo que los demás creen que somos, finalmente tomamos conciencia tras en el último tramo mirar al interior, observar cómo nuestro embalaje ha cambiado, pero no lo sustancial. Somos el yo, completo y absoluto

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  • Josep Grau-Garriga: "10th anniversary" (1996)

    Author: Josep Grau-Garriga (Sant Cugat,1929 – Saint Mathurin Sur Loire –France-,2011). Title: 10th anniversary. Description: Mixed media on paper made in 1996 by Sancuga artist Josep Grau-Garriga. Measurements without frame 65x50 cm. Certificate of authenticity is attached. Artwork in good condition. Josep Grau-Garriga (Sant Cugat, 1929 – Saint Mathurin Sur Loire -France-, 2011) studied at the “Llotja” School of Arts and Crafts and at the Barcelona School of Fine Arts. A painter by training, he Artworked in the field of mural painting and stained glass and came into contact with the world of tapestry, starting with the old Casa Aymat factory in Sant Cugat. It was he who introduced the renewal of tapestry art at the level of the entire Spanish state and he did it from this manufacture and from the artistic section that he directed from 1957 to 1970. The Catalan School of Tapestry was created there and the renewal would come from there. and the new concepts of art in this discipline. In addition to her Artwork in the field of textiles, her creations are also inclined towards pictorial Artwork, creating a lot of collage and assemblage, where fabric plays a prominent role. Since 1992 he lived in Saint Mathurin Sur Loire -Angers- (France). The French government awarded him the distinction of Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts el des Lettres and in 1985 he received the Creu de Sant Jordi distinction from the Generalitat de Catalunya. His Artworks have been exhibited throughout the world and are present in leading museums and public and private collections of different museums and galleries in various cities around the world, mainly in Europe and the United States.

    135 EUR
    End Date: 10/4/22 8:50 PM
  • Carles Guasch: técnica mixta sin título (1978)

    Autor: Carles Guasch (Ibiza, 1976). Título: sin título. Descripción: técnica mixta sobre tabla firmado y fechado Ibiza 1978 en el ángulo inferior derecho. Medidas sin marco 50x48 cm. Medidas con marco 85x83 cm. Obra en buenas condiciones con signos de la edad.

    338 EUR
    End Date: 10/4/22 8:55 PM
  • Domènec Fita: "Preparatory studies" (1989)

    Author: Domènec Fita (Girona, 1927). Title: Preparatory studies (1989). Description: Drawing on paper. Certificate of authenticity is attached. Measures 50x40 cm. Artwork in good condition. Domènec Fita i Molat has a degree in Fine Arts from the Faculty of Barcelona. It began in religious sculpture. In 1947 he was part of the Grup Flama. His creations stand out for the great heterogeny in the use of techniques and materials, his innovative spirit being constant. Fita is one of the names of Catalan contemporary art, difficult to describe due to the diversity and plurality of its creations. He is a born researcher who has made a long creative journey from figuration to abstraction. He has religious Artwork in many churches and temples and also in prominent public places in different cities. He has held numerous exhibitions and his Artwork can be seen in leading public and private museums. In the city of Girona he has the Domènec Fita Foundation, which covers a large part of his career.

    81 EUR
    End Date: 10/4/22 9:05 PM
  • Paolo Cassa: "Desnudo"

    Autor: Paolo Cassa. Título: Desnudo. Descripción: acuarela firmada en el ángulo inferior derecho. Medidas sin marco 29x22,5 cm. Enmarcado. Obra en buenas condiciones.

    225 EUR
    End Date: 10/4/22 9:10 PM