Agustín Espina: "At the racetrack" (2020)

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Augustin Espina; At the racetrack; 2020; Acrylic on Fabriano paper 250 grm 50x70; New.

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  • Agustin Garcia-Espina: "Love" (2014)

    Author: Agustin Garcia-Espina (1959). Description: acrylics, watercolors, different colored and metallic markers on 350 gr cardboard. Hand signed and dated 2014 by the artist. Measures without frame 65 cm. wide x 50 cm. High. Artwork in good condition.

    315 EUR
    End Date: 6/26/24 7:20 PM

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  • Woman in colors by Mercedes Gilaberte Sanchez

    Oil on canvas on frame support Measurements 61x46cm Attached certificate of authenticity on the back of the Artwork with photo signature and seal of the artist. The oils and oils are of the highest quality and so is the canvas. . Madrid painter. 1961 It appears in the Dictionary of Painters and Sculptors of the 20th Century Editorial Fórum Artis. S. A. He has exhibited both Nationally and Internationally, including the Gaudí Gallery of Madrid in Nimes, France, and Innsbruck, Austria. He has been a member of the Círculo de Bellas Artes of Madrid since 1997. He has held more than 35 exhibitions, both national and international. His Artwork is spread throughout Spain and in Europe, America and in private collections. The Artwork is delivered packaged in bubble wrap and cartons suitable for transport, protected and insured.

    200 EUR
    End Date: 6/25/24 6:00 PM
  • Xavier Figueras: "Monestir al fons" (1976)

    Author: Xavier Figueras Nogués (Riudecols -Baix Camp- 1941). Title: Monestir al fons. Description: watercolor on paper made in 1976 by the artist Xavier Figueras. Measurements without frame 39x50 cm. Certificate of authenticity is attached. Artwork in good condition. Xavier Figueras Nogués. Graduated in Fine Arts, he obtained the chair of Plastic Arts and Design in the specialty of Artistic Drawing and Color. He won the First Prize of the General Directorate of Fine Arts of the Ministry. It is worth mentioning his contribution to the world of artistic pedagogy. Professor and deputy director of the School of Applied Arts and Artistic Crafts "Llotja" in Barcelona, and from 1992 to 2010, director of ESCRBC (Higher School of Conservation and Restoration of Assets of Catalonia) of Barcelona. With a very solid academic base, mastery of drawing and color, he works intensely with the palette to create works of light and shadow, composition and simplification of the represented elements, resulting in a visibly elaborate and clean final work, with flat paint and a great aesthetic sense. He has made several individual and collective exhibitions, mainly in Catalonia.

    400 EUR
    End Date: 6/25/24 6:05 PM
  • Horse work of Gilaberte

    Oil on canvas in frame support Measures 46x33 cm certificate of authenticity on the back of the Artwork with signature photo and seal of the artist

    200 EUR
    End Date: 6/25/24 6:10 PM
  • Pedro Gutiérrez Alaiz: "MULE HEAD" (2022)

    Painting by Pedro Gutiérrez Aláiz, (león 1960) in oil on a 20 mm handmade paper plate. thick, and 97 x 97 cm titled "CABEZA DE MULO", made in 2022, signed in the lower right corner, in good condition and with certificate.

    405 EUR
    End Date: 6/25/24 6:15 PM
  • Pilar Xercavins: "The Ecstasy of the Centaur" (2008)

    -Author: Pilar Xercavins Casas -Title of the Artwork: The ecstasy of the centaur -Year of realization: 2008 -Mixed technique. Artwork signed in the lower right corner. Signed and on the back. -Measures: 60x50 cm -State of conservation: Excellent Recent exhibitions in which Pilar Xercavins has exhibited: 2019 - Her Studio, Berlin. 2019 - Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center, USA. 2018 - Gonzalez Gallo Chapala Cultural Center, Mexico. 2018 - Art Gallery Ruse, Bulgaria. 2018 - First International Art Fair, Mexico. 2018 - Frisco Art Gallery. Dallas, USA. 2018 - I International Art and Culture Show, Melilla. 2018 - Museum Latino Pomona, Los Angeles. 2018 - National Gallery, New York. 2017 - Francisco Goitia Museum, Mexico. 2017 - Zaragoza ARTZ Fair. 2017 - HONORARY MEDAL at the XVIII International Winter Show in Barcelona. 2017 - International Art Competition. Crisolart Gallery, Barcelona. 2017 - Special collective, major fairs in Madrid. Special guest. Honorary medal. Ulmacarisa Gallery, Madrid, 2017 - IMC Gallery, New York. 2017 - Second International Salon of Contemporary Art. ART3F Salon Toulouse, France. 2017 - Domus Romane Gallery, Italy. 2017 - Sky Gallery Art, Barcelona. 2017 - International Art Fair, Granada. 2017 - Spring collective exhibition. CC Montjuïc Gallery, Barcelona. 2017 - Group exhibition. Santa Maria Maggiore Gallery, Rome. 2017 - Exhibition in Paris. Tour of Auvers-sur-Oise (special Vincent Van Gogh). Bateau Daphne, Paris. 2017 - Summer exhibition. Montjuïc Gallery, Barcelona. 2017 - Exhibition of Bulgarian and Spanish artists. Nedev Maggiore Gallery, Bulgaria. 2017 - Guest artist. Sighisoara History Museum, Romania. 2017 - International exhibition. Giovanna Maria Vanni Gallery. Tuscany, Italy-Author: Pilar Xercavins Casas Awards: • 2022 International Prize London • 2022 International Art Award "MENELAO" King of Sparta. International Biennial of the visual art “Terra D’Otranto” • 2022 International Prize Barcelona. • 2022 International Paris Award. • 2022 La Palma d'Oro Trophy. Monaco. • 2022 4th International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci. Florence, Italy. • 2022 International Prize Caravaggio. Milano, Italy • 2021 Ambassador of Art 2021 International Prize. Italy • 2021 The Best 2021 Modern and Contemporary Artists. Italy • 2021 International Prize Dante Alighieri. Italy • 2021 Art Olympic Prize. Italy • 2020 International Prize Raffaello & Canova. Italy • 2020 International Prize David Michelangelo. Italy

    360 EUR
    End Date: 6/25/24 6:20 PM