Antoni Tapies: "Kestner Center" (1997)

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Author: Antoni Tapies . Title: Kestner Center (1997). Description: Poster announcing the Tapies exhibition at the Kestner Center in Hannover (Germany) in December 1997. Hand signed and dated. Measurements without frame 84x60 cm. Artwork in perfect condition.

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  • Antoni Tàpies: "Als mestres de Catalunya #487" P.A.

    Author: Antoni Tàpies Puig (Barcelona, 1923-2012) . Title: Als mestres de Catalunya. Description: lithograph signed in pencil by the artist and numbered P.A. With watermark from the Sala Gaspar. Measurements without frame 100x140 cm. Ref. Tàpies Graphic Work 1973-1978 Pag. 110-116 number 487. Certificate of authenticity issued by Miguel Gaspar is attached. ArtArtwork in good condition with signs of age. Due to its size, this work is sent rolled up in a tube.

    1215 EUR
    End Date: 2/9/23 6:45 PM
  • Antoni Tàpies: "Forma ombrejada" 18/99 (1987)

    Author: Antoni Tàpies Puig (Barcelona, 1923-2012). Title: Forma ombrejada (1987). Description: etching and carborundum in various inks (2 black and red) with relief on white Aquari handmade paper. Signed in pencil by the artist and numbered 18/99. 3 iron plates with lost margins of 82x80 cm. Edited and printed by Polígrafa Obra Gráfica SL, Barcelona. Reference Tàpies graphic work 1987-1994 number 1122. Measurements without frame 82x78 cm. Artwork in good condition.

    3645 EUR
    End Date: 2/1/23 6:55 PM
  • Antoni Tapies: "Fregoli" (1969)

    Author: Antoni Tàpies (Barcelona, 1923-2012). Title: Fregoli (1969). Description: lithograph signed in pencil by the artist and numbered 76/100. Measurements without frame 76x56cm. Artwork in excellent condition

    1863 EUR
    End Date: 2/3/23 7:05 PM
  • Antoni Tàpies "Porta Marró" (1972)

    Etching with Carborundum. Edition: 75 copies + 3 P.A. signed and numbered by the artist. Guarro paper Special Edition 35/75 Publisher: La Polígrafa, Barcelona. Catalog number: 299. Cataloged on page 183 of de Tàpies. Graphic work. GraphicWork. 1947-1972. Editorial Gustavo Gili. 1973. Hand signed

    2187 EUR
    End Date: 2/13/23 5:05 PM

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  • Nuria Del Pino: "Landscape" (2012)

    DEL PINO, Nuria (Madrid, 1969). “Landscape”, 2012. Acrylic on canvas. Attach certificate of authenticity. Measurements: 85x60 cm. Nuria del Pino has lived in the Canary Islands since she was six years old. He has exhibited in Madrid, Barcelona, London, Boston... He ventured into a variety of artistic languages, but found his best form of expression in painting, a field in which his training is practically self-taught. "My Artwork has to do with space and our relationship with it. It has to do with the big and the small, with what is inside and outside of us, with the universe. The wide, immense desert landscape that surrounds me in the The island of Fuerteventura is a constant in my Artwork and it serves as a vehicle for me to delve into the landscape of the soul. I like to use different techniques depending on the Artwork and the moment, and introduce figurative elements into a Artwork with abstract characteristics". He has held exhibitions at the Emma Gallery in Madrid (May, 2013), at the Juan Ismael Art Center, Fuerteventura (2012-2010), at the Bahia Real Hotel in Fuerteventura, at the Paloma 18 Gallery in Burgos, at the Tostón Castle in Fuerteventura, in the itinerant Naviera Armas (Canary Islands), in Cuasimoda, Barcelona, among others. He has a permanent exhibition of Painting and Sculpture in the Art Gallery, Lajares, Fuerteventura. Del Pino has internalized the wild nature of Fuerteventura, the Atlantic currents that continuously move clusters of fine sand making the desert a living animal of changing orography. Vastness and confinement are reconciled in the paintings of this artist, who transfers to canvas the experience of living in a paradoxical space, of feeling in the middle of an infinite desert and at the same time knowing that she is surrounded by the vast ocean. On other occasions, this internalization process leads to incursions into pure, enveloping, and metaphysical abstraction.

    495 EUR
    End Date: 1/31/23 9:35 PM
  • Enric Beltran Messa: "Landscape"

    BELTRÁN MESSA, Enric (Valencia, 1940 – 2006). "Landscape". Oil on canvas. Signed in the lower right corner. Attached certificate of authenticity. Measurements: 65 x 81 cm. A prolific painter, Beltrán Messa was always consistent in the lines and in the perception of details, and showed great ability as a colorist, developing a well-defined palette that he applied in its pure state or through subtle mixtures, to compose the life that vibrates in everything. its splendor. Likewise, in his masterful treatment of light and color, a nuanced luminism is revealed. He held various solo exhibitions, both in Valencia and Barcelona, and took part in group shows.

    203 EUR
    End Date: 1/31/23 9:40 PM
  • Carlos Mendez: "Studio V3"

    MENDEZ, Carlos (Buenos Aires, 1943). “Study V3”. Mixed media on canvas. Signed in the lower right area. Signed and titled on the back. Measurements: 81 x 65 cm; 101 x 84 cm (frame). Carlos Méndez was trained in Buenos Aires, among the groups of painters, and began his career creating sets for theater and ballet. In 1962 he began to exhibit his Artwork, taking it to various Argentine cities, and since 1973 he will also hold shows in Paris, Rome and Mexico. Later he studied engraving in New York and San Francisco, and in 1976 he moved to Catalonia. There he exhibited in rooms in Sant Cugat del Vallès and Barcelona. His painting stems directly from the Informalist that developed in Catalonia from the sixties, and develops a Artwork closely related to Magical Realism.

    324 EUR
    End Date: 1/31/23 9:45 PM
  • Ricardo Isasi Olascoaga YSASI: "Golf II" 31/150

    Autor: Ricardo Isasi Olascoaga YSASI (Algorta, Vizcaia, 1917). Título: Golf II. Descripción: litografía firmada a lápiz por el artista y numerada 31/150. Medidas sin marco 50x70 cm. Obra en buenas condiciones.

    81 EUR
    End Date: 1/31/23 9:50 PM
  • Joan Vilacasas "Planimetry" (1958)

    Mixed media on paper dated and signed in pencil by the artist. Unique Artwork. Framed measurements 50x66 cm. Artwork in good condition with signs of age.

    486 EUR
    End Date: 1/31/23 9:55 PM