Frederic Lloveras: "Plaça de Catalunya" 34/125

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Autor: Frederic Lloveras (Barcelona, 1912 - Tossa de Mar, 1983). Título: Plaça de Catalunya. Descripción: litografía firmada a mano por el artista y numerada 34/125. Medidas sin marco 50x69 cm. Obra en buen estado con signos de la edad.

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    Author: Frederic Lloveras Herrera (Barcelona, 1912-1983). Title: Chelsea Harbour. Description: oil on canvas signed in the lower left corner. Signed and located in Chelsea, London on the back. Measurements without frame 74x100 cm. Measurements with frame 84x110 cm. Artwork in good condition.

    950 EUR
    End Date: 8/12/24 9:05 PM
  • Frederic Lloveras: "Ramblas"

    Author: Frederic Lloveras Herrera (Barcelona, 1912-1983). Title: Ramblas. Description: oil on canvas signed in the lower right corner. Measurements without frame 65x92 cm. Artwork in good condition.

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  • Frederic Lloveras: untitled lithograph P.A.

    Author: Frederic Lloveras i Herrera (Barcelona, 1912 - Tossa de Mar, 1983). Title: no title. Description: lithograph signed in pencil by the artist and numbered P.A.. Measurements without frame 56x75.5 cm. Artwork in good condition with signs of age.

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  • Frederic Lloveras: acuarela sin título (1946)

    Autor: Frederic Lloveras i Herrera (Barcelona, 1912 - Tossa de Mar, 1983). Título: sin título (1946). Descripción: acuarela sobre papel firmada en el ángulo inferior izquierdo. Medidas sin marco 32x44 cm. Obra en buenas condiciones con signos de la edad.

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  • Frederic Lloveras: "Landscape from Jaques Borel" (1971)

    Author: Frederic Lloveras Herrera (Barcelona, 1912-1983). Title: Landscape from Jaques Borel (1971). Description: oil on canvas signed in the lower left corner. Titled, signed and dated 1971 on the back. Measurements without frame 27.5x35.5 cm. Artwork in good condition with signs of age.

    400 EUR
    End Date: 8/7/24 8:35 PM

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  • Tom Carr: "Monster" (1975)

    Author: Tom Carr (Tarragona-1956). Title: Monestir. Description: drawing on paper made in 1975 by the artist from Tarragona Tom Carr. Measures without frame 29x24 cm. Certificate of authenticity is attached. Artwork in good condition. Tom Carr has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. He is one of the most representative sculptors of our country, who has also had an outstanding role as a painter. Its innovative character means that at no time does it stop looking for new languages and new expressions. His sculptural Artworks stand out for being a game of planes and geometries, where matter plays an important role and where color often intervenes. In his small and large format pieces, certain reminiscences of an architectural type can be appreciated, as far as the creation of spaces is concerned. It creates an intimate and private link between its structures and geometries and the viewer. His Artworks are distributed by numerous museums around the world and there are many individual exhibitions, held nationally and internationally.

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  • Ramon Herreros: "Hivern-1" (2006)

    Author: Ramon Herreros (Barcelona, 1947). Title: Hivern-1. Description: Oil on canvas made in 2006 by the Barcelona artist Ramon Herreros. Measurements without frame 100x81 cm. Certificate of authenticity is attached. Artwork in good condition. Ramón Herreros studied at the Massana School in Barcelona, at the Sant Lluc Artistic Circle, at the Tárrega Academy and at the Eina School of Design. Founding member of Team A, an artistic group that remained until the early '70s. His passion for cinema led him to collaborate as a director in the magazine Destino and later, in 1975, as head of the Spanish Film Library, based in Barcelona. Despite never stopping drawing and taking photography, he did not return to painting fully until 1980. His painting is marked by the most personal and well-known abstract symbolism, expressing the will to geometrize chaos, gradually evolving towards figuration. slow but steady. He has had numerous exhibitions and his Artwork can be found in various museums and private collections.

    2000 EUR
    End Date: 7/25/24 9:25 PM
  • Casademont le vieux: "Sa Conillera, Eivissa" (1974)

    Author: Casademont le vieux (Barcelona 1923 - Girona, 2007). Title: Sa Conillera, Eivissa. Description: oil on canvas made in 1974 by the Barcelona artist Casademont le vieux. Measures without frame 81x65 cm. Certificate of authenticity is attached. Artwork in good condition. Casademont Le vieux (Barcelona 1923-Girona, 2007) is one of the artists who are part of the history of 20th century art in Sant Cugat and one of the outstanding Catalan artists of the 20th century. Casademont has a very personal Artwork with an austere palette and very rich in nuances, reflecting the landscape in its broadest sense. His vital character took him to many parts of the world, spending seasons in places that have been beautifully expressed in his Artwork as a whole. Awarded with various prizes such as Creu de Sant Jordi, awarded in 1994, Gold Medal-Sala of the Hotel de Ville de Vichy, the Honorary President medal at the Academie du Vernet, that of adopted son of the State of Styria in Graz (Austria). . He was also a corresponding Academician of the Royal Catalan Academy of Fine Arts of Sant Jordi in Barcelona. He obtained the engraving prize at the Salón de Octubre in the city of Palma de Mallorca. First engraving medal at the V Mostra Internazionale de Lugano (Switzerland). First prize for engraving in the XIV Girona Art Contest, nationwide. It appears in the catalogs of the years 1962, 1967 and 1968 of the Salón de Mayo. Throughout his career, prominent art critics have written about him and his Artwork. There are numerous exhibitions held, both here and abroad, and his Artwork can be seen in various national and international museums.

    800 EUR
    End Date: 7/25/24 9:30 PM
  • Sergi Barnils: "The city" (2022)

    Author: Sergi Barnils (Bata - Equatorial Guinea-1954). Title: The city. Description: Mixed media on paper made in 2022 by the artist from Sant Cugato Sergi Barnils. Measures without frame 30x30 cm. Certificate of authenticity is attached. Artwork in good condition. Sergi Barnils is one of the artists from Sant Cugat who, during the 90's, became known mainly in Italy and Germany. Barnils Artworks between Sant Cugat, Tossa de Mar and Milan (Italy), where he has an open Artworkshop. Canals, Galería d'Art made it known at the beginning of the '90s. His pictorial language is based on the most primitive roots and forceful colors, his attraction to the landscape in the initial stages, transforms into an abandonment of representation, to develop a spatial synthesis. A dialogue between drawing, geometry and symbolism, where you can see the sources of our tradition, especially the medieval world. Artworks that he elaborates with a patient and meticulous technique, superimposing layers with transparencies, scratching and scratching. His Artwork is found in numerous museums and private collections in Germany, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, among others, and he has had numerous exhibitions.

    900 EUR
    End Date: 7/25/24 9:35 PM
  • Esther Girbau: "Neutral Green Oxides" (2021)

    Author: Esther Girbau, Barcelona. Title: "Neutral Green Oxides". Description: Mixed media on canvas, signed and titled on the back. Certificate issued by the artist is attached. Measurements 120x120x4 cm. Condition: Excellent In the OXIDOS series there is a mixture of iron and copper patinas, as well as crackles, emulating the passage of time in nature and the beauty of the imperfect. Esther Girbau's Artworks are characterized by their organic shapes and natural textures. Each color is a combination of pigments and materials mixed rhythmically and placed intuitively. Its main objective is to transmit emotions through immersion in small details, nuances and textures, offering a space to pause and enjoy the present moment. His Artworks are part of private collections in Spain, Paris, Hamburg, Zurich, New York and San Francisco among others.

    1450 EUR
    End Date: 7/25/24 9:40 PM