Javier Espigares: "Puerto Donosti Abstract" (2022)

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The Artwork is based on the port of San Sebastián, mythical of Donostia-San Sebastián, painted in a study. In this Artwork the technique so characteristic of the author of the Artwork is clearly reflected, giving it a touch of abstraction, which is where all his experience has ended, with clear Fauvist and luminist signs, the Artwork is based on somewhat exaggerated color contrasts but with a typical harmony of this painter, in his tireless search to make us enter the painting and relive positive moments, thanks to a special color, in his tireless search to make us enter the painting and relive positive moments, thanks to a special coloring. Javier Espigares, is a plastic, landscape, figurative, abstract artist, with fauvist and luminist airs, with a wide career, having held numerous exhibitions, including Tabakalera Donostia, Ispilu Zarautz gallery (contemporary abstract art gallery), etc., also carrying out live art, having carried out Artworkshops and master classes in some cultural centers and Artworking for schools. He has also received numerous prizes in painting competitions. Specialist in acrylic painting and watercolor, also mastering other techniques and sculpture. 8 cm black wooden frame. black lacquered

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