Salvador Dalí: "La Madonna de Port Lligat" 189/300

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Author: Salvador Dali. Title: La Madonna de Port Lligat. Description: lithograph signed in pencil by the artist and numbered 189/300. Dry stamp of the publisher Gilbert Hammond in the lower left corner. Albert Field catalog reference page 248. Measurements without frame 75x55 cm. Artwork in good condition.

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    Author: Salvador Dalí (Figueres, 1904-1989). Title: Le Pecheur. Description: 4-color lithograph from an edition of 2,000 copies referenced in the Albert Field catalog raisonné page 127 #67-2 and Prestel catalog no. 1177. Printed by Draeger at the S & J. Desjobert Artworkshops in Paris. Measurements without frame 27.5x21 cm. Artwork in good condition.

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    Author: Salvador Dali. Title: The Guitars. Description: Porcelain tile with Dalí's plate signature. Created in the 1950s by the Valencian tile manufacturer ADEX. Measures 20x20 cm. Artwork in good condition.

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    Author: Salvador Dali. Title: The Theatre. Description: Fine porcelain plate from Bidasoa with Dalí's printed signature on the back. It belongs to a limited edition of 5000 copies. Plate measures 25 cm in diameter. In good conditions.

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    Federico Tormo Monzo. Ink drawing. 17x24cm. Valencia C. F. 2- Spanish 0. 40s. Hand signed. Soccer. Excellent Valencian cartoonist and cartoonist. Federico Tormo Monzó was born in Pinoso on April 15, 1890 and died in Valencia on September 12, 1971. He moved from his homeland to Valencia at the age of 17, and there he established his residence, having D. Richard Green. Although in 1927 he already obtained the first prize for advertising posters of the July Fair, also obtaining other prizes in Granada, his first steps in the city of Turia were as a draftsman in the sports section of the newspaper "Las Provincias", between the years 1931 and 1935, with series dedicated to caricatures of renowned footballers and boxers, directors of Valencian clubs, journalists, practitioners of other fashionable sports, such as greyhound racing. He stood out for his dexterity with the pencil when taking his notes at sporting events, which were published periodically. he sometimes signed his drawings with the pseudonym "Motor", which appears in some of his cartoons. But he not only cultivated the sports theme, since he also stood out for his drawings related to bullfighting art, caricaturing bullfighters of the stature of Marcial Lalanda, Félix Rodríguez, Vicente Barrera or Domingo Ortega. Characters of the Valencian culture, such as musicians and writers, were also portrayed by Tormo Monzó with his particular stroke. After the Civil War, the artist continued drawing, but alternating the art of caricature with that of painting, capturing the landscape of the cities where he was, such as Granada, Bilbao and Zaragoza, as well as Valencia. The innumerable individual exhibitions that he held throughout his life stand out, both in the city of Turia and in other parts of the country, and he has various paintings scattered abroad, one of them Artworking in the private collection of Winston Churchill. The painter's line is followed by his only student, José Agustí García, who knew his Artwork and shared his studio for more than 25 years.

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