Salvador Dalí: "Figueras Theater Museum" 1974

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Author: Salvador Dali. Title: Figueras Theater Museum. Description: Poster announcing the inauguration of the Figueres Museum Theater in 1974. Illustrated with The 12 Tribes of Israel (Ruben). Sheet measures 73 x 52 cm. Artwork in good condition

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    Author: Salvador Dali. Title: The Music. Description: Fine porcelain plate from Bidasoa with Dalí's printed signature on the back. It belongs to a limited edition of 5000 copies. Certificate of authenticity is attached. Plate measures 25 cm in diameter. In good conditions.

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  • Salvador Dalí: "Teatro museo Figueras, Simón" (1974)

    Autor: Salvador Dalí (Figueres, 1904-1989). Título: Teatro museo Figueras. Descripción: Cartel anunciador de la inauguración del Teatro museo Figueras en 1974 . Ilustrado con Las 12 tribus de Israel (Simón). Medidas 73x52 cm. Editado por Mourlot 1974. Obra en buen estado con signos de la edad.

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  • Salvador Dalí: "L'Evêque" (1971) Editor Proof

    Author: Salvador Dalí (Figueres, 1904-1989). Title: L'Evêque (1971). Description: drypoint engraving on Lana paper signed in pencil. Annotation on the back signed by Nicole Rigal daughter of Jacques-Joachim-Jean Rigal "épruve faisent partie de notre collection". Reference Prestel Catalog, nº 461 Page 191. Measurements without frame 36.2x26.8 cm. Plate measures 24x13.4 cm. Artwork in good condition.

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