Corchon Diaque: "The house" (1901)

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Author: Corchon Diaque (1853-1925). Title: The house. Description: oil on panel signed and dated 901 in the lower right corner. Measurements without frame 18x32 cm. Artwork in good condition with signs of age.

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  • Anna Giménez-Frontín: "Concentration" (2001)

    Author: Anna Giménez-Frontín. Title: Concentration (2001). Description: Mixed media on paper. Certificate of authenticity is attached. Measurements without frame 47x43 cm. Mounted on transparent methacrylate. Artwork in good condition. Anna Giménez-Frontín, offers us with her painting a sample of her artistic praxis during the last decade, focused on plant life. She Artworks on the mystery, shape and color of the plant world, exploring its infinite variations, an aspect that allows her to make a strong and expressive painting, focused on the act of transmitting a vision of the plant world to the viewer. Giménez-Frontín's recent Artwork shows a series of papers that are based on the circle inspired by the forms of nature. In a single circumference format, these forms overlap and expand.

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    End Date: 12/5/23 5:35 PM
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  • Salvador Dalí: "La persistance de la mémorie" 2638/3000

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